Referring Doctor

The Referral Process

Our primary method of receiving referrals is through fax at (403) 281‐2471. For urgent referrals please first fax a referral and if necessary, proceed to call our office at (403) 281‐0603.

Why Refer to Us?

At Cloudbreak, we're proud to be a top choice for comprehensive eye care in Canada. Patients and healthcare providers trust us because of our specialized expertise, cutting-edge technology.

Referral Form

As your partner in patient care, we will keep you informed throughout your patient's treatment. Our goal is to return your patient to your care as soon as is appropriate.

Referring Doctor Survey

At Cloudbreak, we believe in the power of collaboration and want to ensure that your patients receive the same excellent quality of care that you provide. As such, we offer this survey to understand how well our team communicated, listened and showed courtesy and respect toward your patients. Results are used to evaluate patient care experience as well as our partnership experience and to identify areas for improvement.