Our Research

Our History in Research and Innovations

Our passion to offer the best treatment for our patients inspires our initiatives in research and innovation. At Cloudbreak, we value research as an avenue toward improving vision care. Our physicians have contributed to over 18 peer reviewed publications and over 30 presentations at Canadian and International conferences. Dr. Patrick Gooi is a proud member of Patient Care and Innovation Committee with the Canadian Glaucoma Society. Our specialists have been invited to write chapters on advanced surgical techniques in eye surgery.

Current Initiatives

We are pioneering Gonioscopic Assistant Transluminal Trabeculotomy (GATT), a promising MicroInvasive Glaucoma Surgical (MIGS) technique that may offer patients safer, more effective glaucoma surgery at a cost that is sustainable for our healthcare system. Our specialists are also investigating safer anesthetic techniques for cyclophotocoagulation glaucoma procedures to avoid potentially blinding and lethal complications. We have ongoing interdisciplinary collaborations using point of view (POV) cameras in medicine. This work hopes to enhance physician training, improve patient safety during surgical teaching, and ultimately lead to better patient care.


Cloudbreak physicians have successfully developed a number of patents to improve glaucoma surgery and medical education.

Applying for Research Positions

If you are interested in working with our research team, please email your cover letter and resume to [email protected] indicating Research Position in the subject line.